Why Tribuco?

Any organisation operating a mobile workforce can save time and money by integrating Tribuco trusted not tracked. Here are just some of the key features and benefits Tribuco can give your business:

  • Promotes ethical, non-tracking technology that will be embraced by all employees for easy onboarding of the app
  • A secure, robust and user-friendly method of collecting timesheets and invoices
  • Seamless cloud-based technology enabling managers to log in to their Tribuco system any time, anywhere
  • Tribuco, trusted not tracked is up to 72% more efficient than traditional paper timesheet submission methods
  • Quickly set up cloud-based portals for managers and payroll departments to process timesheet and invoice submissions
  • Managers can be prompted by email, SMS and push notification to approve timesheet submissions from all of their assigned work locations
  • Full white labelling capability for your company logo across your Tribuco platform and app
  • Employees can be easily set up to receive automated push notifications, SMS, and email reminders
  • Provides employers with detailed, real-time, accurate work location costs
  • Easy integration into your existing payroll and HR platform
  • Export all key data in simple Excel or CSV file format
  • Create and send individual app users personalised text messages and emails
  • Easy watching video tutorial walkthroughs for all employers, and employees on how to use the Tribuco system
  • 24/7 telephone and email support for all users
  • Reduces the risk of human error and miscalculation by up too 96%
  • 100% GDPR compliant


Here are just some of the industries Tribuco, trusted not tracked is currently operating in:

  • Construction and House Building
  • Gas and Oil Industry
  • Mobile Care Workers
  • Home Help
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Mining Operations
  • Catering
  • Food and Leisure
  • Security/Doorpersons
  • Logistics

Tribuco, trusted not tracked can be set up for PAYE employees, subcontractors, or a combination of the two. The cloudbased timesheet app securely collects timesheets and invoices from your workforce – wherever they are, whatever they’re doing – via a simple GDPR Compliant mobile app.

You and your managers can then log in from anywhere in the world to review and approve the data ready to send across to payroll.


Here’s how

For Businesses:

  • Tribuco, trusted not tracked has been designed to fit into your existing processes and payroll system, so you can speed up existing processes with minimal disruption.
  • Once Tribuco has collected and processed your invoice and timesheet data, it can be downloaded as an Excel or CSV file ready to send across to your payroll department, accountant or external payroll bureau at the touch of a button.
  • Automatic reminders from the GDPR Compliant timesheet app means you won’t need to prompt workers to send in timesheets and invoices.
  • The Tribuco app’s straightforward design and guided on-boarding process for new workers reduces the risk of human error.
  • Our fair pricing structure is tailored to the size of your business.
  • Tribuco, trusted not tracked truly is the ethical alternative to tracking.